[disconnect from server #netnarr ? Y/N]

Self-assessment: It’s the end of Network Narratives class. It was possibly one of the most interesting classes that I had a chance to participate in. Originally pitched as a follow-up to Electronic Literature class —which was also quite interesting in its own right, I can safely say that Network Narrative exceeded my expectations. The beginning […]

Wherever the Wind Takes Us

Unfortunately, this is only going to be a tiny sneak peek for the final project. The current plan is exploring the distinction between digital-dualism and augmented reality. As I’ve most likely mentioned before, the concept of augmented reality is introduced as “just a legend” in this is ongoing story that I’m working on for the […]

A Reflection in “the Eye of the Tiger”

Well, here we are. This is going to be my final main (Weeklies) blog post for the class. I’ll probably be posting one last Field Guide after this, as a wrap up for the final project, but for the time being… would it be appropriate to act (overly) dramatic? I think I’m getting choked up […]

The Friends that We Make on the Way

Is that “a GIF” or “a Meme” in “the digital sea”? Huh… So, it’s not that bad after all. As I continue to work on my final project, my overall view on certain things begin to shift. If anyone were to go back and simply examine my first four or five blog posts, they could […]