The Alchemist and the Ones Submerged

Yes! We’ve finally gotten to the good stuff. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing analysis-type pieces for the blog, I was yearning for a more creative/experimental type of activity in the class. That was one of the promises that I was missing since the class was originally pitched as a follow-up (of sorts) to the Electronic […]

Your Fortune Reads: Don’t Touch Other People’s Stuff!

“Hello, can you hear me?” That was an “interesting” class we’ve had this week; from the topic to its execution. Unfortunately, our professor, Dr. Zamora, was absent (speed recovery!). Therefore, we’ve had an online-based sort of… lesson? Presentation? I don’t really know what to call it. It felt like an online-class that was conducted in […]

Detoxing in the Name of Field Guide

This particular Field Guide post is going to be very brief (and quick on my part) since I’ll be mentioning a website that I found for another project in another class. In short, I had to conduct a digital detox project, basically staying away from the internet for 24 hours, and write about how it […]

From the Dark Room to the Pixelated Light

Say “cheese”! *snap* How is that for a start? Too predictable? Let’s make a game out of it and count how many people actually start their blog posts this way, or at least mention “cheese” at some point. The final number could be the amount of cheese samples we bring into the class on final […]

There is a “Meme” in the Air

It looks like we’ve experienced a bit of a tonal shift in our last class. Up until this point, majority of class discussions centered around the concept of “darkness” on the internet. Although the purpose of our discussions is often described as a discovery of “lightness”, I never really felt like we managed to take […]