Making that “Paper” by GIF Commercials

Since I had a long Field Guide post last week, I’d expect this one to be a lot shorter… for a good balance. In fact, why don’t I just wrap it up right here? Thank you everybody for reading, and have a good one!

Just kidding.

Our main topic of the week was GIFs. I was actually looking through Reddit (of all places on the internet) to find something related, and long behold… I managed to find a linked article titled “TV Is Finally Starting to Understand the Power of GIFs—For Better and Worse”.

Simply put, the VanityFair article, written by Whitney Friedlander, delves into the commercial potential of GIFs on social media. If something is popular on the internet, you can bet your… Eeyore plush… that somebody is going to turn it into profit. Why not? Who doesn’t like (more) money? So, the idea is that making GIFs out of the best moments in a TV show or any other commercial programming and sending them out to journalists, analyzers, or just the fans on social media is not only efficient but also cost-friendly —as in, it costs nothing; free commercial that takes a few minutes (at best) to put together. Can you hear that “cha ching” sound? I’m sure somebody does… Good for them! I must admit that it’s actually a genius move to spread “info” about your product and get attention. I wonder, though, can this approach be applicable to other products beside TV stuff? Say… a GIF of the General that attempts to sell insurance —is this already a thing that I don’t know about? I don’t tend to spend time on social media, so I wouldn’t really know. Even if it isn’t a thing just yet, you can expect the social media platforms to be filled with these GIF commercials pretty soon. Then again, EU just approved that Article 13 thing which is expected to go into implementation in 2021. How long before it spreads around the world and prevents this problem? Fighting evil with another evil… Yea, take that!

Anyways, I promised (myself) that I’d keep this post short, so… Good night, everybody! Don’t let any GIF to bite your plush. Oh, before I forget… The usefulness score for that article above would be 8/10, imho. I’m actually looking forward to that Field Guide project. Until next time!

One thought on “Making that “Paper” by GIF Commercials

  1. That’s a nice find… would be slightly better to have a link to it!

    But is commodification of pop culture into commercial space anything new? Doesn’t it seem to happen, maybe always? Are there any instances maybe where it’s been done in a manner that honors the original culture rather than exploiting- is that even possible? (I have no answers, just questions).

    I’m really pleased that you go digging for your own references to put in the guide.

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